Permeable resin bound paving for Norfolk homes and businesses

At Elizabeths gardens, our philosophy is to provide resin bound paving that is not only consistently high in quality, but also great value for money and expertly installed. For both homes and businesses throughout Norwich and Norfolk.


The distinct benefits of resin bound paving

Resin bound paving is not to be confused with the similarly-named resin bonded paving, a form of paving that we do not provide.

During the production procedure for the former, natural aggregate, clear resin and marble or recycled materials are all thoroughly mixed together. Each stone particle is completely coated in resin before the stones are layered onto a base, resulting in a smooth, permeable finish. The manufacturing process for resin bonded paving is different, as it entails the application of resin film to the surface before clean, dry aggregate is added. Although the stones will entirely cover the resin, they risk loosening – an issue that does not arise with smooth resin bound paving.


Why resin bound paving is a formidable long-term solution

Our resin bound paving products have many attributes that count heavily in their favour. These include high levels of permeability, durability and UV stability, while the smooth surface helps to make our resin bound paving easy to preserve in condition. The customer service that we provide does not end once the paving itself has been put in place. It continues with our after-care offering – and if you seek further resin bound paving at a later date, you can rest easy that we don’t let up with our innovation and development efforts.


Resin Bound Surfaces Norwich And Norfolk

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